Exposed plumbing faucets

These are a little on the rough side but exposed plumbing can make things easier to live with and practical. You could pay hundreds for a faucet only to have it age not so gracefully or get something like this which will give your years of use and acquire more character along the way.

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  1. Plumbing can truly be this beautiful! It is a very straightforward approach to plumbing. It is practical and better in its own right. What you see is what you get. No worries of any hidden rotting pipes. Levi@Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd

  2. Or, you could always match the theme of your bathroom with your plumbing; maybe go with the Steampunk route with all the exposed faucets and maybe a shiny metal tub and an old-school shower head to enhance the look.

  3. The shower stopper on my bathroom faucet broke on Friday afternoon and my landlord wasn't going to be able to get the building plumber in until Monday. plumbing sunshine coast



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